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170.223  Citronic CX-6004 Ultima Professional Series Speaker

A full range speaker enclosure made from premium Russian ply with custom drive units

which give a wide bandwidth and an exceptionally smooth response,

making it ideal for the demands of today’s modern programme material.

Industry standard flying points are fitted as standard for ease of

installation and integration into multiple arrays.

Its computer-aided design ensures accurate tuning of enclosures for maximum output

and tailored bottom response.

Great attention has also been given to panel bracing to reduce resonances

so increasing sonic definition and authority.

  • Durable textured black paint finish
  • 12 hanging points
  • Powerful low frequency, rich elasticity, crisp vocal penetration
  • Coated steel grille lined with special material to prevent ingress of foreign particles for maximum protection
  • Active electronic protection fitted to prevent overload to H.F. units
  • Crossovers optimally designed to give smooth and balanced integration of drivers
  • Speakon® connectors fitted for reliability and maximum power transfer from the amplifier
  • All fittings rebated for easier stacking and arraying
  • Steel bar handles fitted as standard
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