Welcome to our LED lighting section. Kays understand the ever growing demand and popularity of LED Lighting. With its ease of use, low maintenance and low power consumption it is clear to see why LED lighting is gradually taking over from other types of domestic and commercial lighting.

In this section you will find an extensive range of LED lighting and LED display products and it is increasing all the time! Kays have many new and exciting LED lighting products being added to this section regularly so be sure to check back frequently to see the latest range of LED lighting products available.

With the extensive range of LED lighting goods offered for club, disco, stage and home use we are confident that you will find an LED lighting solution here no matter what your requirement.

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LED Bank UV DMX-03

Part Number J33318

This 3-channel DMX-512 LED UV blacklight comes with blackout, static, dimmer and strobe. It has built-in automatic programs, adjustable flash rate, dimmer and static via stand-alone and automatic built-in programs with sound activation. It is linkable with LED Technostrobe & LED Technostrobe RGB in stand-alone. The coverage is up to 15ft x 30ft. It uses low power consumption and has additional power output for daisy chaining units together. Any universal DMX-512 controller. The bulb is 192 x LEDs 100,000hrs, the current draw is (peak 12W @ 120V) (inrush 24W @ 120V) power is 90V - 240V and weight is 4.9lbs (2.22kgs). The size is 14in x 9.75in x 6.5in 355.6mm x 247.65mm x 165.1mm and the power is 90V - 240V. Pre-programmed, DMX-512, sound active and dimming.

LED Bank DMX-27

Part Number J33182

This is a 27-channel DMX-512 LED bank system. The operating modes are blackout, static, dimmer and strobe. There is RGB colour mixing, colour fade, automatic built-in programs with sound activation and RGB control of 8 individual sections. There are also built-in automated programs via master/slave or DMX, built-in sound activated programs via master/slave or DMX and low power consumption. The beam angle is 31°. Footcandles are 124, Lux is 1,334. The light source is 288 LEDs 96 red, 96 green and 96 blue 100,000hrs. Current draw is (peak 12W @ 120V) (inrush 24W @ 120V). Power is autoswitching 90V - 240V 50/60Hz. The weight is 6.2lbs (2.8kgs), the size is 16.8in x 9.8in x 7in 425mm x 248mm x 178mm and the power is autoswitching 90V - 240V 50/60Hz. It is Pre-programmed, RGB colourmix, DMX-512, Sound-activate and linkable.
This product is RoHS compliant unless otherwise shown.