Aroma Dispenser

Aroma 1

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Part Number Aroma 1

Insect repellent: W2012 - W2112

Like our sight and hearing, our sense of Smell is one of the senses most easily influenced by factors beyond our control. Our aim is therefore to help you to produce the most appropriate atmospheres when and wherever necessary, allowing you to create pleasant stimulating moods by using carefully chosen aromas. The aroma, gradually released and distributed in the surrounding area, is stored in highly concentrated form in special Aroma Dispenser refills, which are impregnated with selected perfumed essences. The refills release the aromas with which they’re impregnated when the temperature of the support on which they are placed inside the dispenser is raised by a few degrees, and the aroma is spread in the environment by means of the unit’s adjustable air flow. Thanks to this simple idea, we’ve thus eliminated systems involving nebulization or electronic molecular vibration. The aromatized refills are available in various perfumes and two formats: long and short duration. We’re giving priority to on-going expansion of the range of aromas from which our clients are able to choose.

In white or black