These low voltage, super bright LED strips, on a flexible printed circuit board, have an adhesive backing for easy installation. They are available in a variety of colours and are in 50cm lengths which can be linked together with solder connections or cut into shorter lengths. There versatility and operating performance makes them ideally suited to a wide range of applications including: signage, under counter lighting, indirect accent decor light, large area back lighting, building contour delineation or substitution for neon lightinghere to edit introduction

  • Low voltage (12Vdc)
  • Very flexible and lightweight
  • Can be extended (32m max.) or cut shorter (3 LEDs min.)
  • Super bright LEDs
  • 50,000 hours LED lifetime
  • Power supply required (153.743) 12.5A or (153.746) 24A, not supplied
  • The RGB version (153.719) requires a power supply and controller (153.740) not supplied
  • Fixing clips available (153.749) not supplied
  • !

    Red Ribbon leds

    153.704UK       Flat view LED ribbon tape 50cm red

    Yellow Led Ribbon tape

    153.707UK   Flat view LED ribbon tape 50cm yellow

    Red Leds Ribbon cable

    153.710UK    Flat view LED ribbon tape 50cm blue

    White Led Ribbon cable

    153.713UK   Flat view LED ribbon tape 50cm white

    Green Led Ribbo cable

    153.716UK    Flat view LED ribbon tape 50cm green

    RGB Led Ribbon cable

    153.719UK   Flat view LED ribbon tape 50cm RGB