Goal Post

Trusslite goalpost kit 2.5m


A complete portable goalpost trussing system featuring Trusslite rigging which is extremely strong and yet packs flat for easy transport. This unique system offers a tripod free goalpost system which is very quick to erect and has a very neat overall appearance with a very small footprint. The use of Ultimax EZ pins ensures the system is quick to set up without the need for any tools.

  • Tool free assembly
  • No plastic parts
  • All metal construction
  • Packs almost flat
  • Very quick to erect
  • Tripod free for a small footprint area (1.0m x 113mm
  • Max. weight load 80kg
  • Trusslite goalpost kit 2.5m

Trusslite goalpost kit 3.0m

Trusslite goalpost kit 3.5m

Trusslite goalpost kit 4.0m

Trusslite goalpost kit 6.0m

Trusslite goalpost kit 8.0m

Lighting Stand 3Meters

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Part Number 180.605

3meter light truss 2 T bars


A strong light truss with 2 T-bars. Specially strengthened assembly points to increase the maximum load. Can be completely disassembled and is lightweight only 18kg and easy to erect.

  • Supplied with safety pins for height adjustment
  • Maximum load 60kg
Height 1.5 - 3.0m
Max. weight load 60kg
Weight 18kg
Width:Truss 3.0m
Dimensions:Collapsed 1500 x 280 x 270mm
Tube 38mmØ

Triangle lighting truss 3M

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Part number 180.607

Triangle Lighting Truss 3 Meters


Sturdy lighting stand with 3m wide triangle truss pre-drilled to facilitate mounting on all three sides. Easy to erect with height adjustment.

  • Supplied with safety pins for height adjustment
  • Also includes mounting fixtures for upto 12 lighting effects
  • Maximum load 120kg
Height 1.5 - 3.0m
Max. weight load 120kg
Width 3m
Weight 26kg
Dimensions:Collapsed 1500 x 220 x 200mm
Tube 38mmØ