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Welcome to your Complete Disco Packages homepage. You will find a selection of DJ Disco Systems and packages at low prices. Most systems include DJ Lighting Speakers Amps stands DJ CD systems and mixer. Anything from starter to professional DJ. The complete DJ System Package solution. Great Pulg and Play DJ Setup at cheap prices


DJ package one

Plug and Play


Amplier 150 by 150 - Watt Amplifier

Two speakers 2 by 10" Mid horn tweeters

 Microphone radio VHF

Mixer 4 channel head phone graphic

Flight case

Heavy duty dj package

DJ system 250 by 250 watt out put Amplifier

Heavey duty DJ speakers

Twin Cd player

Flight case

VHF Radio microphone

Plug and Play

Citronic Dj System

Citronic DJ package:

Containing:- Pro user 2 channel USB Mixer x 1

                   Ultima Desk top CD/Mp3 player x 2

                   Ultra Pro Amplifier 1000 Watts x 1

                   CX Seies Full range speakers 500 watt x 2

                   Full set of leads.

This system is a Professional Citronic DJ set up,

Citronic DJ Package 2

19" rack club system mixer USB x 1

MPCD-4 Ultra Duel MP3/CD player Club usage

Ultra Pro High Power Amplifier toal 1000 watts

CX-3008 Fullrange speaker 12" 300 Watt x 2

CX-5008B 15" sub speaker x 2

Full set of leads

19" rack case for mixer + amp heavy duty


Dual CD, Speakers, Mixer & Case Kit, DJ, Club, Disco,

Dual CD, Speakers, Mixer & Case Kit, DJ, Club, Disco,

Dual CD PlayerSpeakers, Mixer And Case Kit only £244.