Insider active top bass

Insider active 10"

The 10” version guarantees a more efficient response on low frequencies, as well as better power handling (650 Watt).
Speakers with PET diaphragms, neodymium magnets and aluminium voice coil, for a bottom end with great dynamics and punch and incredible physical presence. It’s combined with a horn with a spherical waveguide and a 1” driver designed specially for combining with the lower frequencies, and a unique output in the crossover zone between the two transducers, enabling Insider 10 to ensure extremely natural vocal reproduction.

Insider 15" active

When designing the Verse Insider series, we also bore in mind our love for music. While studying the transducers, we had the idea of a model with a yield that was even more efficient, present and precise at the extremities of the sound spectrum and ideal for excellent performance even with more “difficult” musical genres, full of effects and sounds with great dynamics, such as dance and lounge music.
Insider 15 is precisely that: an enclosure with great efficiency and power (no less than 1,200 Watts - incredible for a cabinet this size), which reproduces every detail of the sound, even those of the most
complicated material you play. A passive version is also available.