Active PA Systems

It’s easy to combine the elements of the Verse Insider series with the SUBs to obtain the best system for your needs. Each element is fitted with a dedicated amplifier and a multi-way system can be assembled by means of a simple link connection. The Powercon connectors make the system very practical and, thanks to the link on each enclosure, avoid the problem of having to run a power feed to each element. All Systems are provided with special customized cables Subwoofers are fitted with a double output link to simplify the left and right audio channels. Thanks to the set of on-board dip switches, each system can be customized when elements are added or removed, obtaining the sound
required for every use


2k System - 1830W

Two Insider 8 satellites and one SUB 10. For great power and sound, with several easily transported compact modules.

components 8"+8"+sub10"
components power 2x415,1000
total power in W 1830
total weight in kg 43

3k System - 3300W

Two Insider 10 satellites and a SUB 15. For those who like their bass dynamic but deep, and higher power on the more aggressive sounds
components 10"+10"+sub15"
components power 2x650,2000
total power in W 3300
total weight in kg 62

Package 5240Watt Pa

Two Insider 15 satellites and a SUB 18. For those who want the maximum immediately, with a real reserve of power on hand when necessary, while maintaining
really practical use
components 15"+15"+sub18"
components power 2x1620,2000
total power in W 5240
total weight in kg 86