Insider Bass Active

To complete the Verse systems, as well as the Insider series, we obviously took into consideration the most physical part of the sound spectrum: the low frequencies.The choice of subwoofers for the Verse series was based on the same modular philosophy. In fact, not all musicians or DJs want the same amount of “bottom end”, and it’s obviously unthinkable to control everything with the volume pot or equalizer! Verse therefore offers various subwoofers, which can be used separately or in multiple set-ups. From the small 10”, already sufficient to give that extra punch to the Insider 8 in mono or stereo configuration, through the classic 15”, to multiple configurations of our top 18” model, Verse SUBs are all made to give you a total sound sensation with great simplicity.
Installation work and number of cables are reduced to a minimum, thanks to the professional connectors and cables supplied with the enclosures. Follow the suggestions of our configurator on page 15 to choose the solution most suited to your needs.


Sub 15" active

The most classic of the subwoofers, but with every possible new device using new technologies, resulting in unusual weight and power (2000 Watts). Featuring great depth, enables to boost upfront dynamic sounds with the bottom end of the audio spectrum, for deep drum sounds or electronic parts

Active sub woofer 18"

Is our strong point and enables to assemble really powerful systems with just a few easily transported elements.The ideal subwoofer for systems with a power of around 5,000 Watts, for sound reinforcement in large rooms or open spaces, and gives up-front dynamic response, usable for high-impact applications, such as concerts in town squares or rave parties.18“ Woofer with double alu voice coil and 2000W amplifier.