The ultimate DJ headphones, specially designed for use in high volume environments. The 50mmØ drivers with Neodymium magnets have a special diaphragm which allows them to sustain a high SPL, and give a wide frequency response with exceptionally clear sound. With the DJ environment in mind the full size closed cups are padded with soft, low compression set foam giving a durable and extreme comfort for long periods of use. The earcups can be swiveled by 180° and rotated by 90° allowing for the user to wear them in multiple styles, this also allows them to be folded for compact storage in the supplied vinyl carry bag.


A great pair of headphones for the DJ starting out or home use. Adjustable swivel mount earcups give maximum comfort in various positions. Powerful Neodymium magnets sustain high SPLs and give high definition bass and transparent highs. Excellent value for money