Denon Cd

Denon DN-D4500 Professional Dual CD Player

Whether your playing MP3's up to high quality 320Kbps or standard audio CD's the DN-D4500 offers you two seamless loops with live B-trim editing for mixing perfection, two hot starts for instantly starting from your pre-determined point on a track, cue stutter, selectable pitch ranges from 4% to 100%, an adjustable brake effect and superb key adjust feature which keeps vocals and music sounding true even when you adjust the speed of the track

Denon DNS1000 Compact CD/MP3 Player

Denon DJ's new DN-S1000 CD/MP3 player is designed to offer many of the same high end features and benefits of the DN-S3000 in a far smaller, portable package. Measuring 226mm x 92mm (inc feet) x 215mm and weighing just 3kg, the DN-S1000 includes advanced MP3 Playback functionality (Seamless Looping, Scratching, Hot Starts and Effects), built-in effects (Filter, Flanger and Filter plus the world's first Echo Loop), platter efects, 3-way BPM counter and two Hot Starts. The DN-S1000 also features another world first, Next Track Reserve with Cross Fader - with the ability to store hundreds of MP3 files on one CD, Next track Reserve allows DJs to cross fade to another song within the same disc for a smooth non-stop mix.

Denon DN-C100 CD Player

The DN-C100P is our new entry level CD player and part of our new P-Series range of products. A simple feature set and ease of operation are important features of this new model. The product features CD/ CDR playback, IR Control (see below), Optical Digital Output, Program Playback, Random Playback, Repeat Playback (one track, one disc

Denon DN-6000 Dual CD/MP3 Player

Denon have extended their family of Dual CD/MP3 players with the release of the rack-mount DN-D6000. This highly-specified device boasts an amazing MP3 featureset and 'Next Track Reserve' function. This not only makes it ideal for clubs, but the provision of the 'Unattended Playback on Power-Up' feature makes it equally suitable for bars and restaurants. The MP3 playback mode fully supports MP3 seamless looping, scratching, hot starts and MP3 effects; CBR & VBR (constant or variable bit rate) encoding up to 320 kbps; ID3 Tags (files embedded into the MP3 which displays Title, Artist, Album), and MP3 File Search System (offering fast and easy file location by name). The DN-D6000 also includes the Next Track Reserve function, piloted by Denon. The company rationalises that storing hundreds of MP3s on one disc is fine but what if the DJ wants to play other files from the same disc, back-to-back? This innovative function allows the operator to search for a song by name and crossfade seamlessly to that file for a smooth non-stop mix. The crossfade time is user-adjustable, and this facility is also available for CD audio discs.

Denon DN-C615 CD Player

Single-tray CD player. Up to 99 tracks of program play. Includes pitch control and MP3 playback. A high-quality yet affordable CD/MP3 player

Denon DCM500 5 Play CD Player

Denon 5 CD player featuring coaxial and digital outputs. Plays CD and MP3, random play, 3 repeat functions, and a 6.35mm headphone output. Remote control included