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This 5.1 surround amplifier with DSP comes packed with features to enable it to be used for both AV and karaoke. It comes in a black or silver finish and features a bright digital VU display. The front panel features 2 microphone inputs with volume, treble, bass, echo and delay controls. The master channel also features separate volume, balance, treble, bass controls. There are also separate volume controls for each speaker when set up in 5.1. the built in DSP has 8 pre-programmed setting which can be selected at a push of a button. The rear panel features chunky speaker binding post outputs for the main and suround speakers and an RCA phono output for the subwoofer and stereo inputs. A remote control is also included which can control all features of this amplifier.

  • Adjustable delay, echo and tone controls for karaoke
  • 3 x stereo and 1 x 5.1 line inputs
  • 2 band tone controls
  • 2 large VU meters
  • Binding post for front and surround speakers connection
  • Line output for subwoofer
Power supply 230Vac, 50Hz
Dimensions 190 x 430 x 378mm
Impedance 8 ohms
Weight 8.6kg
Output power 2 x 180W / 2 x 140W & 3 x 40W (max)
Signal to noise ratio > 70dB


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A versatile stereo amplifier has four selectable inputs, DVD, CD, Tape, and DVD Karaoke. The amplifier also has two microphone inputs with individual volume controls and Echo control. The master output has a two-band EQ allowing adjustment of the bass and treble frequencies, there is also a master balance and volume control.

  • A high output power of 2 x 50W max
  • Incorporates a toroidal transformer
  • Blue power on LED
  • Attractive metallic finish
  • Features 2-band tone controls and a MASTER volume control
  • Microphone inputs are fitted with separate volume controls and echo effect
  • 4 stereo LINE inputs via RCA phono sockets
  • 2 microphone inputs via 6.3mm gold plated jack sockets
  • Spring clip terminal speaker connections
  • With fixed mains lead
Power supply 230Vac, 50Hz
Dimensions 95 x 250 x 240mm
Impedance 8 ohms
Weight 1.42kg
Output power 2 x 50W max.
Input sensitivity:Line 500mV
Input sensitivity:Mic (unbalanced) 2mV


A superb value for money all-in-one Karaoke/DVD portable system which has been upgraded to include MP3 player, Card Reader (SD/MMC) and USB input. The unit has 5.1 Surround Sound outputs for home cinema use and will operate with its own rechargeable batteries. This versatile product is ideal for home entertainment and PA applications in various venues.


TEC076 PORTABLE DVD/MP3 KARAOKE + 2 radio microphones

This fantastic value all-in-one Karaoke/DVD system is packed with great features, ideal for home entertainment, and many different PA applications. The TEC076 has a DVD player, MP3 player, Card Reader function (SD/MMC) and USB input. The unit also has 5.1 surround sound outputs for home cinema use, so versatile is the product the uses are endless, and to top it all it can run with its own rechargeable batteries