Vinyl Player + Parts

Teac LPR400 Turntable with CD Burner and Radio

Teac turntable with CD burner and AM/FM radio. The product features CD-R/RW Recording (Phono to CD, AUX to CD), Drawer-type CD Recorder, Auto/Manual Track Increment, Rec Level Control and Rec Level Indicator, Program, Repeat (1/ALL), Shuffle Play, 3-speed Belt Drive Turntable (33, 45, 78 RPM), Auto Return, PLL Synthesized AM/FM Stereo Tuner, Rotary Volume Control, Bass-reflex Type Speaker, Stereo Speakers, LCD Display with Backlight, Headphone Jack, Remote Control, Output Power: 3.5 W + 3.5 W, Speakers: 70mm Full Range Cone x 2,Audio Input: x 1, Headphone: x 1,

Headshell, SkyTec version

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170.584    Headshell, SkyTec version

MD cartridge 505 SK II with stylus

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170.580   MD cartridge 505 SK II with stylus


The best budget priced cartridge available from Stanton® Super sturdy stylus and high output for an in-your-face sound.

  • Deep bass reproduction
  • Spherical stylus tip
  • High output
  • Replacment cartridge price £14.50

Cartridge, Stanton® 500AL, fits SkyTec turntables

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170.579    Cartridge, Stanton® 500AL, fits SkyTec turntables


A high quality magnetic cartridge by Stanton® and designed specially for the most demanding DJ environment with a balance of economy, reliability and performance

  • Industry standard cartridge
  • Spherical stylus tip
  • Replacment syslus £13.50 

Citronic PD-45 - ultima direct drive turntable

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170.519   Citronic PD-45 - ultima direct drive turntable


Just when you thought decks couldn’t get any better, we’ve decided to squeeze that little bit more from ours. The new PD-45 mk2 Ultima has an impressive 4.8kg of torque giving you maximum control over your vinyl when mixing or scratching. The height adjustable tone arm can be adjusted up to 6mm allowing virtually all types of cartridge to be used, but to get you going we’ve included as standard a Stanton® 505SKII. All in all you won’t find a better turntable that gives you all of these fantastic features and looks at an absolutely amazing price.

  • 4.8kg starting torque
  • Height adjustable tone arm
  • Variable start and brake speed
  • ±10, 20, 50% pitch shift selectable
  • Reverse play
  • Removable target light
  • Dual start buttons for battle mode
  • Metal top panel & rubber base designed for acoustic isolation
  • Anti-skate
  • Protected On/Off switch
  • Quartz lock
  • Includes 2g headshell weight

Citronic PD-1 - direct drive turntable

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170.510    Citronic PD-1 - direct drive turntable


The PD-1s is our highly acclaimed direct drive, entry-level turntable. There has been no compromise in providing the highest quality components for your money. To give you the best deck we’ve concentrated more on performance, than fancy features and futuristic looks, ultimately giving you a workable turntable at a fantastic price. This tried and tested model comes in a classic design, you would be hard pushed to get better value and performance than this, with its weighty feel and high torque motor it will have you matching those beats in no time.

  • High torque direct drive motor
  • ±10% pitch shift slider
  • Supplied with stanton® 505skII cartridge
  • Remote start compatibility
  • Anti-skate control
  • Built in target light
  • Custom quality slipmat
  • Digital pitch/beat out
  • Supplied with perspex dust cover

USB Audio Capture


A great little gadget from Citronic, bridging the gap between analogue and digital. This high quality USB soundcard is designed to connect your turntable, mixer or CD player and convert the signal to digital, the USB connector plugs into your PC/MAC and allows you to record the audio using the software provided. There is also an analogue output so it can be linked between an existing system to record. Ideal for converting vinyl to MP3 and creating live mixes.


A pair of headshell mounted matched cartridges which are regarded as one of the best cartridges on the market for scratching. The classic club cartridge with superior sound quality