Denon DN-X500 Professional DJ Mixer

Eight-channel input matrix routing gives you the freedom to move any source to any channel or even the same source to multiple channels for remixing. Pre-fader level metering and gain control as well as long 60 mm smooth channel faders are individually replaceable with our rotary knob option (ACD-46). Three-band EQ with full output kill, booth output with channel select, two mic inputs with talkover sensitivity and effects send/return with cue, dry/wet knob and channel select.

Denon DN-X900 4 Channel Rackmount Mixer

The DNX900 analog/digital mixer offers four coaxial digital inputs with 24-bit digital processing and two digital outputs that can feed your CD-R burner or computer for recording purposes with a unique Track Mark ID function


Professional club/DJ mixer. The DNX-1500 features 3 band parametric EQ with kills, 45mm VCA channel faders, 9 on board digital effects, LCD display and a USB port for free future add-ons.