PCDJ-KJ can now deliver the ultimate power of the Karaoke Machine to your PCDJ.



PCDJ KJ works as a Stand Alone application or as a VRM plug-in for PCDJ FX. When installed as a plug-in for FX, an additional Karaoke player and video output, appears in FX interface, allowing the user to switch and interact from DJ to Karaoke mode within the same display. Using KJ as a plug-in offers many other features for the user, like autofire and beat matching, that elevates your performance to a professional level.

PCDJ-KJ uses MP3+G and WMA+G files, so there's no more need for CDs to carry or play. It's all stored within your PC's hard drive making karaoke performance faster and lighter. Organize, Access, Search, Load and Play songs fast and easy within the PCDJ FX record case then fire off either of the PCDJ players as background automatically while swapping singers. PCDJ-KJ is a high performance professional Karaoke product that is ideal for the working DJ to the Karaoke enthusiast. Enhance your karaoke show with this simple yet powerful player that sets the standard in karaoke performance for the 21st Century.


PCDJ DAC3 Controller

The PCDJ DAC3 (Digital Audio Controller) is a high-end hardware control unit that has been designed especially for today's working DJ, live performers and the most demanding applications. The USB 2.0 connection provides a lightning fast, realistic real-time feel. With the addition of MIDI capability, the DAC 3 is ready to go out of the box with any MIDI compatible application

This unit carries a full Guarantee. not like some selling on the net.

DN-HC4500 denon

It was close to this time last year when Denon unveiled the DN-HD2500, and now it's time for DJs the world over to get a glimpse of the DN-HC4500 Media Player and Controller. The unit itself is the firm's "first USB / MIDI audio interface designed exclusively for computer performance club and mobile DJs," and it plays nice with both Macs and PCs. Additionally, you'll find internal 24-bit processing, BU4500 drive support, a touch-sensitive jog disc
Price is only Hc4500 is sold witj PCDJ software