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Par64 led RGB


Part Number 42431

Par 64 Short, RGB LED
The Showtec LED Par 64 Short is a Par 64 with RGB colourmixing. Due to the use of LEDs, the lifetime is extremely long and the powerconsumption is very low. The Showtec LED Par 64 contains 153 LEDs (51 red, 51 green and 51 blue). It can be controlled by 4 DMX channels (R,G,B and pre-programmed chases and colours) automatically by its built-in processor or music-controlled by its internal microphone.
• 4 DMX Channels
• Music-controlled
• Including 50 cm. cable with Schuko plug

Par: 64
Filterframe: Included
Power Supply: 230V/50Hz.
Power: 15W
Dimensions: 290x260x260mm.(LxWxH)
Weight: 2,12Kg.

PCDJ DAC3 Controller


The PCDJ DAC3 (Digital Audio Controller) is a high-end hardware control unit that has been designed especially for today's working DJ, live performers and the most demanding applications. The USB 2.0 connection provides a lightning fast, realistic real-time feel. With the addition of MIDI capability, the DAC 3 is ready to go out of the box with any MIDI compatible application

This unit carries a full Guarantee. not like some selling on the net.

DN-HC4500 denon

It was close to this time last year when Denon unveiled the DN-HD2500, and now it's time for DJs the world over to get a glimpse of the DN-HC4500 Media Player and Controller. The unit itself is the firm's "first USB / MIDI audio interface designed exclusively for computer performance club and mobile DJs," and it plays nice with both Macs and PCs. Additionally, you'll find internal 24-bit processing, BU4500 drive support, a touch-sensitive jog disc
Price is only Hc4500 is sold witj PCDJ software