The new SVP series is a comprehensive, all-new range of super value, two-way SR loudspeakers, designed for the reproduction of live music at high volume levels, with minimal distortion. The SVP comprises of seven models; five full range models including a 12” floor monitor and two subwoofers.

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Wharfedale SVP-15


The new SVP series is a comprehensive, all-new range of super value, two-way SR loudspeakers, designed for the reproduction of live music at high volume levels, with minimal distortion. The SVP comprises of seven models; five full range models including a 12” floor monitor and two subwoofers.

The enclosures are lightweight yet tough. The trapezoidal design gives low resonance and sonic accuracy in the low frequency range as well as allowing more compact multiple arrays for higher output and wider coverage.

The series has been built around the development of an exceptional new compression driver, combined with an elliptical waveguide that brings unprecedented sound quality and performance to this product class. High output capability and low distortion with excellent high frequency extension characterise these new drivers.

Each crossover in the SVP Series is built using the highest quality components and designed specifically for that system. All feature the Protech"! driver protection system designed to protect the HF driver against damaging signals caused by overloading, seamlessly returning the system to normal operating levels.

The low-resonant enclosures are finished in durable black carpet covering, with rugged steel corners and protective grills. They also incorporate metal pole stand adapter and two 1/4 " jack sockets




wharfedale svp-15b 15" subwoofer

Item Description
Wharfedale's entry level pro speaker range. Maximum performance minimum outlay. 250w 4 Ohm 15 LF sub woofer.
Item Description

Wharfedale's entry level pro speaker range. Maximum performance minimum outlay. 250w 4 Ohm 15 LF sub woofer.



Wharfedale Titan12"

 Proprietary 90 x 60 Elliptical Wave Guide Horn design
  • Custom Heavy duty moisture-proof 12" LF driver
  • High-end Titanium HF Compression Driver
  • Tough Polypropylene molded cabinet with rubber padded handles
  • Multiple M8 rigging points and integral tripod stand adapter
  • Rugged protective grille and top-stacking receptacles
  • Trapezoid shape for arrays as well as stage monitor applications
  • DTF™ - High-Frequency Driver Overload protection
  • Sophisticated Linkwitz-Riley 24dB/octave crossover design
  • High-Frequency EQ switch (boost/flat) for long-throw applications
  • Both 1/4" and NL4 connectors provided
  • Available in grey & white
  •   http://www.wharfedalepro.com/Portals/0/PDF_Data/TITAN_12_Brochure.pdf


    Titan™ 12

    Wharfedale Pro Titan™ 12 series with 12"/2" voice coil LF components and 44mm Titanium Diaphragm true Compression Driver and the integrated 90°x60° Waveguide horn to achieve a clean volume dispersion with wide, even reflection of the high frequency. The cabinets of the Titan™ series are made of extremely resonance proof High Density Polyethylene structural foam finished. This material gives a lightweight and very robust enclosure.

    The system can be arrayed for additional coverage and SPL requirements. The elliptical waveguide HF section provides consistent coverage over its specified range for low feedback in open mic applications and improved array smoothness, whether applied to a reverberant or "dry" club type acoustic environment The Titan™ 12 integrates successfully with the room for superior sound quality with a minimum of equalization and tuning.

    For permanent sound installations, architectural compatibility of primary importance, mounting points become critical. Titan™ 12 series threaded points (Three on top, four on bottom, and three on each side for horizontal rigging) set a standard with Omnimount footprint on bottom.

    Wharfedale titan 15

    Custom designed, heavy duty 15" low frequency driver
  • 2" titanium high frequency compression driver
  • 90˚ x 60˚ degree integral Elliptical Wave Guide for even high frequency dispersion
  • Built in Linkwitz-Riley crossover at 1.8kHz+ DTF™ Dynamic Thermal Filament – Integral High-Frequency Driver Overload protection
  • Designed for a wide variety of sound reinforcement applications
  • Built in, rubberized easy-grip handles for convenient transportation
  • Integral pole mount adapter for stand mounting
  • Trapezoidal shape for vertical arrays and horizontal stage monitoruse
  • Top stacking feature for easy integration of multiple enclosures
  • Ten M8 threaded rigging inserts for several hang-mount options
  • Bottom mounted M8 threaded inserts that fit the OmniMount® 60.0 footprint
  • Injection molded enclosure construction
  • Integral cord wrap and cable anchor molded into the enclosure
  • Dual NL4 input connectors
  • Available in grey & white http://www.wharfedalepro.com/Portals/0/PDF_Data/TITAN_15_Manual.pdf

    2-way, active bi-amplified speaker system

  • Custom 15", Low Frequency driver and Titanium High Frequency compression driver provide exceptional clarity, high power handling capability and maximum efficiency
  • State-of-the-art, high efficiency switch mode power supply with a class D low frequency power amplifier and a class A/B or class D high frequency amplifier
  • Low frequency power (Class D) 350W RMS, 700W PEAK
  • High frequency power (Class A/B) 70W RMS, 140W PEAK
  • Active signal limiting system with LED indicator on rear panel
  • Built in 2 channel mixer with microphone and line level inputs Balanced XLR line output for connections to subwoofers or daisy chaining units together
  • Switchable Bass Response Optimizer (BRO™) circuit
  • Low distortion, high power handling, water resistant woofer
  • Professional high frequency compression driver with titanium diaphragm
  • XLR and TRS line inputs via convenient 'combo' jacks
  • Two band master EQ controls
  • Full Protection system: DC, overload, short circuit, thermal, On / Off mute and LF / HF Limiters
  • EVP-X15PB 15" bass speaker powered

    The EVP-X15/18PB is a 15/18 inch direct radiating powered subwoofer. A built in 600 watt (peak) amplifier accepts stereo or mono line level inputs. These line level inputs are summed before being sent to the internal amplifier allowing the subwoofer to operate in stereo systems using a single subwoofer. The subwoofer features a pair of integral 100Hz, 24dB/Octave crossovers to send a high pass, balanced, line level stereo signal to a pair of powered satellite full range speakers or an external amplifier for passive satellite speakers. A speaker level 1/4" jack is also provided for use in applications, such as those employing powered mixers, in which it is more practical to bring a full range speaker level signal to the subwoofer.

    Wharfedale Pm600 system

    Wharfedale PM600 powered mixer systems have been designed to deliver optimum sound in a variety of applications - from live music performance and playback, to sound reinforcement or public address. Not only that, but they are road tough and simple to transport and set up.

    The PM600 Series comprises of a powered mixer, two PT10 two-way 10in loudspeakers and a DM1.0 dynamic mic (with all cabling). The PM600 system incorporates the PM600 powered mixer, two PT12 two-way 12in loudspeakers and a DM1.0 mic (with cabling).

    An integral part of the system are the PT loudspeakers. These are high-output, high efficiency loudspeakers, featuring Wharfedale Pro proprietary drive units and a purpose-built high quality Electro-Dynamic HF driver (with overload protection).

    Also facilitating life on the road, the PM mixer section is protected by a tough carpet-covered surround.

    The PM600 mixers respectively feature five and six mono input channels, with separate Mic and Line input. Other features include Tape In; Digital Delay; Record Out; EFX Send/Return (on PM600); Power On/Off on front; Parallel speaker outputs (and main line output) on rear; Built-in 230W amp on PM600; Three-band EQ in PM600; Thermal protection; XLR plus 1/4in input socket.

    The DM1.0 microphone displays a tight cardioid pattern to minimise feedback problems and effectively reject signals not originating directly in front of the mic capsule. The mic also features an extended frequency range response for optimum reproduction and clear sound, while special shock-mounting allows movement of the mic element to greatly reduce handling noise.

    Speaker Stands are not Included.

    Wharfdale 8" install speaker


    The WPB-T8 is a versatile and secure U-bracket designed for the Titan 8 active and passive loudspeakers, enhancing their suitability for fixed installation applications.

    Constructed from Steel and finished in black or white paint the WPB-T8 provides a secure mounting for your Titan 8 and provides control over pan.

    The bracket is attached to the Titan 8 using the M6 threaded inserts; only three screws are required to attach the bracket to an appropriate mounting surface.