Karaoke Kit 1

Karaoke Kit comprising 1 x ZE009Q Singing Machine karaoke player and 1 x disc of your choice from the Mr. Entertainer hits (XB) range. The product features a CDG top loading player (with controls for play/pause, stop, program, repeat, skip, search, intro and 2 digit track number display), karaoke function (auto voice control, echo and mic volume), black and white monitor and built-in speakers. Comes with a free microphone

Singing Machine Silver SVMG-988 Pedastal

ZE009VSinging Machine Silver SVMG-988 Pedastal Karaoke MachinePedestal CDG karaoke system. The product features front loading CD+G player, 7" black & white monitor, built in video camera, balance control, AM/FM radio, microphone volume control, echo control, headphone output, 2 microphone inputs, built in speakers, video input and output and pedestal. Supplied with 2 wired microphones.electro


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Part Number 103.100


A versatile stereo amplifier has four selectable inputs, DVD, CD, Tape, and DVD Karaoke. The amplifier also has two microphone inputs with individual volume controls and Echo control. The master output has a two-band EQ allowing adjustment of the bass & treble frequencies, there is also a master balance and volume control.

  • A high output power of 2 x 50W max
  • Incorporates a toroidal transformer
  • Blue power on LED
  • Attractive metallic finish
  • Features 2-band tone controls and a MASTER volume control
  • Microphone inputs are fitted with separate volume controls and echo effect
  • 4 stereo LINE inputs via RCA phono sockets
  • 2 microphone inputs via 6.3mm gold plated jack sockets
  • Spring clip terminal speaker connections
  • With fixed mains lead
Power supply 230Vac, 50Hz
Output power 2 x 50W max.
Impedance 8 ohms



A superb value for money all-in-one Karaoke/DVD portable system which has been upgraded to include MP3 player, for  PA applications in various venues.

  • Full function remote control
  • 8" bass driver and 1" tweeter
  • DVD player has surround sound output
  • Compatible with DVD, CD, CD-G, CD-R, MP3
  • Video (RCA), S-video and optical outputs
  • Supplied with 2 handheld microphones
  • Automatic power management system
  • Dual rechargeable batteries (12V, 5Ah)
  • 5 hours battery life (DVD player) and 10 hours (Voice amplification)
  • Units can be linked for large venues
  • Trolley with telescopic handle supplied as an accessory
  • 35mmØ Top Hat
    Power supply 230Vac, 50Hz and dual rechargeable 12V / 5Ah batteries
    Output Power 70Wrms (4 ohms)
    Frequency Response 50Hz - 20kHz (±3dB)
    THD <0.1%
    Dimensions 550 x 330 x 290mm
    Weight 25kg


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Part Number 103.112


Compact, stylish unit that converts your stereo and DVD player into a Karaoke system to make that party go with a swing.

  • Dual microphone inputs (6.3mm)
  • Echo control
  • Volume control for each microphone
  • Tone control
  • RCA phono Inputs/Outputs for audio and video connection
  • Mains adaptor supplied
Power supply 9 - 12Vdc
Dimensions 50 x 133 x 74mm
Weight 169g


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Part Number 103.112


Complete karaoke set with CD player and AM/FM tuner built-in to a briefcase with silver finish.

  • Built-in speakers for stereo sound
  • CD player with LCD display plays CD, CD-R and CD-RW
  • Microphone and AUX inputs
  • Stereo AM/FM radio with telescopic aerial
  • 3.5mm headphone output
  • Adjustable echo and mic volume
  • Supplied with mains adaptor and microphone
Power supply 12Vdc, 800mA
Battery 12V (8 x C)
Power rms 2 x 12W


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Holds all televisions up to 21'

  • Stand includes microphone holders, drinks holders and is fitted with wheels
    for ease of movement
  • Twin radio Mic Special offer

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    Part Number Radio mic1

    VHF 1 Head Set 1 x Hand Held Microphone ELC

    Limited stocks

    Value packed VHF radio microphone system supplied 1 x hand held transmitter. 1 x headband transmitter. 1 x 9v olt power supply plus 2x 9 volt batterys for transmitters.

    Radio Microphone single offer

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    Part number Radio Microphone 2 ELC

    Single long range VHF mic system

    Value packed VHF radio microphone system supplied complete with 9 volt power supply for the reciver and a 9 volt battery for the transmitter. 174.8 Mhz

    Radio mic 3

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    Part number radio mic3 ELC

    Twin Radio microphone system 174.1 + 175 Mhz

    Limited stock Very good for Karaoke

    Value packed duel Vhf radio microphone system supplied complete with 9 volt power supply for the receiver and two 9 volt batterys for the transmitters

    Radio mic4

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    Part number Radio mic4

    Hand held microphone 174.8 Mhz Special offer

    Value packed VHF radio microphone system supplied compete with 9 volt power supply for the reciever and a 9 volt battery for the transmitter.

    JVC SV22 Karaoke

    kar jvc sv22

    JVC SV22 Karaoke

    Digital echo nts/pal

    Single drawer

       2 microphone inputs with separate volume controls

       Digital echo control

       Vocal masking and vocal replace

       NTSC/PAL compatibility

       Dual Voltage 110 OV/220V

       MPX capability

       1-bit RE.M. 0.0. Converter

       9-step programming

       One-track/all-track repea

       10-key direct track access

       CD graphics/audio CD playback

       Remote control

       Bookmark with on-screen book digest, search and skip: 9 points max per disc/10 discs (VCD)

    • Cinema shuttle (VCD)

    • Spatializer (VCD)

    • VCD version 2.0 playback control (VCD)

       Multi-picture on-screen display: video intro scan and highlight scan (VCD)

       Slow search (remote) (VCD)

       Total harmonic distortion : 0.01% (1KHz)

       SIN ratio : 90dB (Best Case)

       Frequency : 20Hz - 20KHz

       Input Terminal: Microphone 2 mV

       Output Terminal : Audio output :2.OVrms(FulI Scale)

       Image output Video (composite):1.0 Vp-p

       Digital echo

       Power Requirements : AC 115-1 271220-240V adjustable with the voltage selector; 50160Hz

       Power Consumption: 14 Watts, 5 Watts in Standby mode

    • Weight: 4.5 Kg(10.O Ibs)

       Dimensions (W/H/D) : 435 X 127 X 333.5mm 17-3/16 X 5 X 13-3/16 inches


    Karaoke mixer amp + remote control

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    Karaoke mixer amp with remote control Echo 4 mic input




    • Remote contrd to access all functjons

            Echo with delay and repeat controls

            lB bit digital key changer

            20 bit digital converter

            4 Microphone inputs with separate 3 band E.Q.

            10 segment bargraph

            Speakon output sockets

            Dimensions: 483mm x I 32mm x 420mm

    • Weight 15.0Kg

    MR Entertainer DVD Karaoke Player

    The complete DVD/VCD/CDG karaoke player. The DVD player has key change, echo, 2 microphone inputs with level controls, remote control and full on screen menu control.