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MI-808 Wireless In Ear Monitoring Sytem

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Part Number MI-808 ADS

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MI 808R Stereo  body Pack Receiver and MI 808T Transmitter.

In Ear Details

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MI-808 is the best wireless In-Ear Monitoring system for ~stage and broadcasting applications and to replace complicated traditional speaker r~onitoring equipment. It is designed with latest RF transmission and audio dynamic procession technology that not only offers the best anti-interference and stability, but also enhances S/N ratio and dynamic range. It presents the p~1ect sound quality of your natural sound.


The system consists of MI-808R stereo~ bodypack receiver and MI-808T stereo transmitter. Features and specifications are listed below:











A. The

MI-808R is an UHF-band stereo bodypack

receiver. In each 24 MHz bandwidth, there are

~: 16 switchable non-interference frequencies pre­

~   programmed. MI-808R adopts advanced dual-antenna diversity receiving to eliminate signal dropouts and enhance receiving stability. Mono/Stereo switchable audio output, lightweight, rigid magnesium alloy casing, and professional quality in durability make it today’s best choice of IEM system for professional applications.







1. Adopts UHF-band PLL Synthesized design.

2. In 24MHz bandwidth, they are pre-programmed with

16 frequencies and can switch with a single button.

3. Dual-antenna diversity receiving eliminates signal dropouts and enhances receiving stability.

4. The dynamic expander circuit ensures S/N ration is greater than 90dB.

5. Stereo! mono switchable audio output.

6. Numeric LED channel display with auto power saver.

7. With both POWER on/off and RF signal indicators.

8. Adopts two AA-size batteries and high­efficiency power saving circuitry to

ensure long operating hours.

9. Rigid and durable magnesium alloy casina for Drof~sional reauest.

10. EauiDs with safe and unbreakable

In Ear Transmitter Details

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A        Functions

Ml~8O8T is an UHF-band stereo transmitter. In each 24 there are 16 pre-programmed switchable hon-interference frequencies. Ml-808T adopts the latest high-efficiency transmitting circuit and rigid metal casing which make it today’s best choice of IEM system. for professional applications.






1.  An elegant multi-function LCD panel.

2.  EIAstandard 1912” metal hous~fl..

3.  Combo socket for balanced and unbalanced inputs.

4.  Se~table mono and stereo controls.

5.  Adopts UHF-banctLL Synthesized design.

6~ 16 Selectable non~iterferen~ frequencies are pre-programmed in

     each 24 MHz bandwidth.                                           ~

7.  Advanced dynamic expander circuit to ensure S/N ratio is greater. than 90dB.

8.  Built-in limiter circuitry avoids distortion under excessive input level.

9.  With a monitoring earphone jack.

~ .~

In Ear 3 Reciever details

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C. The Controls and Functions:

1.    Power switch and volume control: Powers on/off and adjust earphone volume.

2.    Stereo monitoring earphone jack: Connects to a monitoring earphone.

3.    Power indicator: Indicates status of power.

4.    Signal indicator: Indicates the receiving signal.

5.    Left/right channel balance adjuster: Adjusts the volume on left/right channel.

6.    Housing: Houses PCB and its accessories.

7.    Numeric LED display: Displays working channel.

8.    Working Channel Selector: Selects working channel and auto scan the whole pre-programmed channels.

9.    Mono/Stereo Switch: Switches to mono or stereo audio output.

10.  Output Level Limiting Switch: Setup the maximum output volume to protect user’s eardrum.

11.  Squelch Adjuster: Adjusts receiver’s squelch level.

12.  Antenna A & B: Fixed receiving antennas.

13.  Battery cover: Covers two AA-size batteries after installed.

14.  Belt clip: Conveniently to clip bodypack transmitter to the belt.




D. The Specifications:

           Items                               Specifications

    Frequency Range           614—870MHz

    Bandwidth                     24MHz

    Oscillation Mode            PLL Synthesized

    Channel Interval Step      25KHz

    Stability                         ±0.005% 0°C—+50°C

    Modulation Mode            FM stereo modulation

    Maximum Deviation Range     ±68KHz

    Receiving Mode              Diversity receiving

    Receiving Sensitivity       At 2pV input level, S/N>58dB (mono)

    Squelch Level                Adjustable range between 2—lOOpy

    T. H. D.                         <0.5% (At maximum deviation range)

    Maximum S/N Ratio       94 dBA

    Frequency Response      80Hz—i 5KHz ±3dB

    Stereo Separation          ~45dB (at 1KHz)

    Output Jack                   3.5mm4 stereo earphone jack

    Output Power ( 320)       2x50mW under 1KHz (THD 3%)

    Earphone Impedance      ~i60

    Power Supply                2 AA batteries

    Current Consumption      About I 3OmA (under moderate volume)

    Continuous Operating     About 8 hours when using alkaline

    Hours (under moderate   batteries

In Ear Transmitter Details

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C. The Controls and Functions:

1.   Power Switch: Powers on/off.


2.   Earphone Jack: Connects to a stereo earphone to monitor audio output signals.


3.   Volume Adjustor: Adjusts the volume of stereo earphone.


4.   Audio Input (L) and limiter indicator: Indicates audio signal strength on left channel.


5.   Audio Input (R) and limiter indicator: Indicates audio signal strength on right channel.


6.   LCD Panel: Displays all functions and setups.


7.   Alternation Key: Alters system setup.


8.   Function Key: Selects various display menus.


9.   Transmitter Output Connector: Installs transmitting antenna.


10.  Unbalanced Audio Output Jack (Left Channel)


11.  Unbalanced Audio Output Jack (Right Channel)


12.  Audio Input Jack (Left Channel): Combo socket for balanced and unbalanced signal inputs.


13.  Audio Input Jack (Right Channel): Combo socket for balanced and unbalanced signal inputs.


14.  DC Input Socket: Connects I5VDC power input. Positive (+) voltage for center pole of socket.

           Items                                Specifications

Frequency Range          614—870MHz

Bandwidth                       24MHz

Oscillation Mode            PLL synthesized

Channel Increment Step    25KHz

Frequency Stability        ±0.005%, 0°C—+50°C

Modulation Mode           FM stereo modulation

Pilotone Modulation Range               ±4KHz

Output Power                  Low: <10mW; High: <100mW ( 50Q load)

Spurious Rejection       <4nW

Maximum Deviation Range               ±40KHz

Frequency Response   50—15,000Hz

T. H. D.                             <0.5% (At maximum deviation range)

Audio Input                      line levelx2 , XLR/6.3mm4 Combo Socket

Audio Output                   6.3mm4 phone jackx2

Earphone Output           6.3mm4 stereo phone jack with adjustable volume

Earphone Output Impedance           ~16Q

Current Consumption   480 mA under high power output

Antenna Connector       INC type (500 impedance)

Dimensions                    210 ( L) x206 (W) x44 ( H ) mm

Weights                           About 1.1 Kg

Operating Environment      From -10 to 60°C


In Ear Picture only

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In Ear Picture only

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In Ear Earphones Details

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3. Matching Earphone:

There are three types of earphone:

1. Standard Model: for PA, conference, and translation applications.

2. Premium Model: for stage audio monitoring

3. Professional Model: for stage singing application.


Both premium and professional models are specially designed for high sensitivity, clear sound quality, and wide frequency response. Because both models are designed for stage and live application, it is ergonomically designed to give you the comfort during operation and have “earhook” for better fit and invisibility. Features and specifications of 3 earphones are listed below.



A. Standard Model:

1. Adopts high sensitivity 15mmc~ diaphragm.

2. 1.5-meter long high resistance cable and casing in beige or black color.

3. Sensitivity >110dB.

4. Unbeatable pricing.












B. Premium Model:

1. With adjustable earhook.

2. High sensitivity 15mm4 diaphragm.

3. 1.5-meter long high resistance cable and casing in beige or black color.

4. Sensitivity >110dB.

5. Superb audio bandwidth and isolation.