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Dmx controller software PC

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Part Number DMX120

DMX controller + software 120 channels sound etc

DMX controller,
consisting of software for DMX controllers and DMX converter box.

Features of software for the controller
  • Graphic surface, easy to operate
  • 120 DMX control channels (DMX-120), 60 DMX control channels (DMX-60)
  • 10 operating levels with 12 channel faders each for adjusting the DMX parameters, 1 flash button for each channel fader
  • 1 master fader, can be assigned to each channel as desired
  • 500 programmable scenes can be stored per block
  • Different blocks of scenes can be combined
  • Stored scenes can also be called up via keyboard
  • Automatic run of 4 parallel sequences with up to 500 scenes each
  • 10 groups can be stored with up to 20 channels each
  • Blackout function
  • Channel inversion
  • Any number of synchronous groups can be created
  • Libraries can be created for every DMX unit (features of the unit like gobos and colour wheel)
  • Libraries are available for every DMX unit from IMG Stage Line
  • Music-controlled scenes and sequences via sound card
  • Manual input of beat for controlling scenes and sequences
  • German, English, French, and Spanish version


DVC2 GOLD works with Virtual Controller 1, 2 and Virtual 3D software. This interface controls 2 x 512 DMX channels through the computer or 512 DMX channels in Stand Alone mode. The Stand Alone mode is easy to use and versatile : programme and load your scenes in the internal memory of the interface, power with an external 9-12Volt DC power source and select your scene using the buttons and it sends the DMX signals that you have pre-programmed to your lighting fixtures. The new Built-in CLOCK function is simply wonderful : you can trigger a scene when you want, tomorrow at 10 pm, next week, once a year, repeat the scene every hour, play it only 30 minutes, add few minute of show every days...



An economic 3D viewer with amazing rendering for any traditional lighting console.

The DVS 3D works with Virtual 3D software. This interface can take DMX input and Ethernet through the 3D software and must be connected to a PC. Links are established between fixtures-libraries and DMX channels. As a result, your 3D simulator and its DVC 512 IN interface are totally compatible with all DMX consoles available on the market. Software channels can be controlled externally through conventional DMX boards in real-time. Along with the interface comes a driver disk for Windows.