Control Running light

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Part Number 154.080

4 Channel running light 16 Patterns


Running light control unit with 4 channels and 16 patterns.

  • Music controlled via the built-in adjustable microphone or via the 6.3mm audio jack
  • Push-buttons for direct control of the 4 channels, can also run fully automatic with adjustable speed
  • Featuring nil-passage switch steps for trouble-free control of diverging loads
  • LED channel indication
  • Lamp connections via screw terminals
  • Fixed mains lead and plug
  • 19" Rack mountable
Power supply 230Vac, 50Hz (3500W)
Max. load 16A
Current per channel 5A max.
Dimensions 44 x 483 x 150mm (1U)
Weight 1.9kg

8 ch light controller

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part number 38.1490 MON
Number 38.1490
8-channel light control unit,
with processor control.
  • 15 fixed light sequence programmes with adjustable speed
  • 1 light sequence programme, to be adjusted as desired, with up to 60 program steps
  • Automatic program run or music-controlled via integrated microphone or via line input (RCA L/R) with adjustable input sensitivity
  • Continuous light function, flash function, and test function for each of the output channels
  • 482mm (19") rack installation
  • Max. 575W connected load per channel, connection via 3-pin AC jacks
  • Total of max. 3,600W
  • Power supply: 230V˜/50Hz/3,600VA
  • Dimensions: 482x48x170mm, weight: 2.5kg

4 CH light controller

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403PRO Ryger

The 403-PRO is an easy to use powered lighting controller.  The controller caters for up to 4 individual channels which can be connected to the rear of the unit using standard bulgin connectors - 2 bulgin sockets are provided for more flexibility and safer power handling. The controller has 32 in-built patterns which can be chased at an adjustable speed or to the bass beat of the sound.  The controller can also change the pattern for you automatically at regular intervals using the auto-patterns mode.  Should you want the lights to be more integrated with the sound then simply switch the unit into true sound-to-light mode.  Should you want softer lighting with a less dramatic effect then a complete soft mode is provided for ballads for instance. 
The controller also has a digital master fader accompanied by individual digital faders for each channel to ease the balancing of the different coloured lights.  At any time the user can take manual control of the unit by using the latch and flash keys.  The 403Pro40 has the same operation as the 403Pro but will handle up to 10 amps per channel

Size 19" x 2U x 170mm Depth
Weight 3Kg
Sound Input :- Internal Microphone
Max. Load Per Channel:-5 Amp. (Pro40 10 Amp)
Max. Load Total:- 13 Amp.(Pro40 40 Amp)
Power:- 220-250V AC.
Display:- 2 x 7 Segment LED
Conforms to CE 1995

  • 3/4 Channel
  • Sound To Light
  • Master Output Dimming
  • Channel Dimming
  • Internal Microphone
  • 32 Chase Patterns
  • Pattern Preview Display
  • Soft or Hard Output
  • Auto Patterns
  • Pattern Speed
  • Flood Override
  • Latch Override
  • Flash Override
  • Foot Switch Override
  • 3-4 Ch chaser

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    AX4 Ryger
    An Easy to operate Powered 4 or 3 channel chaser for the small mobile.  An Ideal first light controller for DJ's.Weight: 1 Kg
    Sound: Internal Microphone
    Max. Load Per Channel 5 Amps
    Max. Unit Load 13 Amp
    Triac BTA08 600TW
    Fuses 4 x 20mm 5A HRC
    Power Supply 220-250V
    Conforms to CE1996


  • 4 or 3 Channel Selectable
  • 16 chase patterns
  • Speed Chase Level
  • Sound Chase Level
  • Pattern Hold
  • Pattern Selection
  • Pattern Preview
  • LED Monitors
  • Size: 160 x 145 x 60mm

  • Weight: 1 Kg
    Sound: Internal Microphone
    Max. Load Per Channel 5 Amps
    Max. Unit Load 13 Amp
    Triac BTA08 600TW
    Fuses 4 x 20mm 5A HRC
    Power Supply 220-250V
    Conforms to CE1996



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    BOTE01 PRO
    Professional 64-channel DMX controller ideal for intelligent fixtures up to 10 channels each
    • 8 intelligent fixtures up to 10 channels each
    • 24 pages of 4 freely programmable scenes
    • 4 freely programmable programs, Mix/Sequence available (Max. 99 steps)
    • Free access of CF card (32MB) for the exchange of data
    • Data and software can be downloaded or uploaded to a PC (RS 232 port)
    • Built-in microphone for music sync function
    • USB socket for DJ lamp (5V, 1W)
    • Joystick for Pan/ Tilt adjustment
    • Blackout capable of 0-10 seconds delay
    • Fog machine trigger button
    • Power failure memory
    • All data can be swapped between two units
    • Fade time/Non-fade time available on program chase
    • Auto / Music / Manual chase
    • Power Requirement: DC 9-15V, 500mA by adaptor (included)
    • Dimensions: 360mm x193mm x74mm
    • Weight 2.1Kg


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    BOTE02 PRO
    • 16 channel DMX dimming console
    • Easy programmability
    • 8 built-in program banks (patterns)
    • 16 recordable program banks (100 steps per program)
    • Midi in, out & thru
    • USITT DMX-512 protocol with 3 pin XLR
    • Audio, Fade & Speed control
    • 16 individual fader channels with 16 flash buttons
    • Master fader control
    • Digital LED display
    • Sound Active via built-in microphone or line in
    • Fog machine trigger button
    • Mix chases
    • Dark & Black out buttons, Tap Sync button
    • Polarity switch to accommodate different types of cable requirements
    • Rear on / off switch
    • 240V DC 12V 500mA power supply included
    • Dimensions: 482 mm x 200mm x 75mm
    • Weight: 5Kg


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    BOTE03 PRO
    The Scene Setter is a 2-bank, 12 fader, 1-bank, 24 fader

    mixing console, controlling DMX with the capability to be

    used with MIDI protocol to allow real-time programs.

    The Scene Setter has 4 pages to control up to 12

    channels (single bank) or 24 channels (2 banks). The

    Scene Setter can program 48 scenes and 24

    chases of 999 steps with a total of 2376 steps.

    Programs can be run automatically or by

    external or internal music input. It has the

    ability to control your light show by the

    built-in MIDI-interface to allow a

    real-time live-show to your music.


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    BOTE06 PRO
    Functions: 4 CH. audio and chase function with speed control
  • Output Connector: Bulgin
  • Channel Output: 5A
    Audio Input: Built-in microphone
    Power Input: AC 240V - 50Hz
    Size: 188 x 112 x 54 mm
    Weight: 0.82Kg
  • CT-4005

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    BOTE07 Pro
    Functions: 4Ch. 16 chase patterns with Auto Manual / Auto / Full-on and
  • Audio Input: Built-in microphone
    Output Connector: Bulgin
    Channel Output: 5A
    AC Imput: AC 240V - 50Hz
    Size: 260 x 170 x 70 mm
    Weight: 1.5kg
  • DC-4PS

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    BOTE08 PRO

    4 Channel Dimming Chase Controller with 42 preset built-in Chase programs.
    4 Dimmable channels with flash buttons.
    Programs: 42 Chase programs
    Functions: Memory Backup / Dimmer / Sound / Prog. Sound / Auto Sound /
    Memory / Fade Time / Full On and Blackout
    Channel Output: 5A
    Output Connector: Bulgin x 2
    Audio Input: Built-in microphone or line in
    Power Input: 240V 50Hz
    Dimensions: 482 x 45 x 132 mm 3U
    Weight: 2.0Kg


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    BOTE11 PRO

    The Stand FX is ideal for Par cans and lighting

    effects. A 2 position speed switch allows for

    normal chase speeds, whilst when slow mode

    is selected it will allow speed changes of up to

    15 minutes per channel.
    Functions: Audio / Chase function / Chase speed control
    Output Connector: IEC sockets
    Channel Output: 5A
    Size: 200 x 142 x 50 mm
    Weight: 1.17Kg

    Smart Director

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    BOTE14 PRO

    Hand held DMX controller downloadable from DMX Operator desk

    96 DMX channels
    9 Chase programmes
    9 Strobe programmes
    Auto / audio / manual chase programmes
    Internal microphone
    Power failure memory


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    BOTE16 PRO
    SDC - 6

    • 6 Individual Channel Faders & One Master Fader
    • 6 Dmx Channels
    • Compact design & Simple Operation
    • Power Input: DC 9V, 100mA Min. by adaptor (included)
    • DMX Output: 3 Pin Female DMX Connector
    • DMX Polarity: 2+, 3- / 2-, 3+
    • Battery Type: PP3 9v
    • Dimensions: 173mm x 153mm x 55mm
    • Weight: 0.8Kg


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    BOTE19 PRO
    Functions: 32 preset chase programs with auto/manual/audio.Pedals for full flood, blackout and program change
    Audio Input: Built-in microphone or line-in
    Output Connector: Bulgin x 2
    Channel Output: 5A
    AC Input: AC 240v 50Hz
    Size: 210 x 195 x 80 mm
    Weight: 2.0Kg

    Show Director

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    BOTE22 PRO
    Show Director

    The Show Director is the answer to the problem of cables

    hanging everywhere. The system includes a 8 channel

    switch unit and a remote relay pack which uses low voltage

    to switch effects on and off.
    8 Individually switched channels
    Illuminated switches
    8m low voltage control cable
    Overload protection
    Input: 240V 50Hz
    Channel output: 5A
    Output connector: IEC x 8
    Size: 482 x 162 x 44mm 1U

    Weight: 2.0kg


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    BOTE24 PRO

    Functions: 20 preset chase programs with auto/manual/audio Pedals for flood,
    blackout and program change

    Chase select up/down
    LCD display
    DMX output

    Midi input
    Audio input: built in microphone
    Output connector: Bulgin x 2
    Channel Output: 5A

    AC input: 240V 50Hz

    Size: 444 x 195 x 65mm
    Weight: 5.0kg


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    CONT05 PRO
    19' rack mount power distributorFeatures: 8 illuminated switches, 8 IEC outlets on the rear and a 13amp
    resetable circuit breaker
    8 IEC Plugs included
    Max Load: 15amps (1700 watts)
    Power Input: 240V 50Hz Size: 482 x 51 x 127 mm

    Weight: 1.7kg

    Easy Controller

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    part number cont10

    Easy controller for Acme lights

       Acme’s most compact scanner yet. Dynamic effects and powerful light output, all from this lightweight and small fixture.

       4-CH intelligent scanners can be controlled by universal DMX controller.

       Pan: 180© in 0.5 second Tilt: 70 in 0.3 second

       10 Gobos plus open and blackout on the Gobo /Color wheel. Gobo shaking effect, strobe rainbow effects with variable speed.

       Beam angle: 11*

       Amazing pre-programmed light shows triggered by music.

       Automatically recognizes DMX or Master! Slave mode.

       CA-B Easy Controller for instant lighting shows. (See diagram)

       Focus adjustable and easy lamp access door.

                   Fan cooled and thermal switch for overheat protection

    Transcension Standmaster Controller

    CONT12 The new Stand Master from Transcension is an easy to use 4 channel dimmer controller with manual flash buttons and sound activation.With the addition of a M10 bolt hole to connect to many different clamps, it makes this unit applicable to most of your stand requirements. 

    Functions: Auto/Audio/Flood

    Pre-set chase patterns

    0 - 100% dimming

    Manual flash buttons

    Output connectors: 4 x IEC sockets

    Channel output: 5A

    Max Load Per Channel: 1000W

    Max Total Load: 2400W

    Input Fuse: F1A 250V

    Fuse Per output Channel: F5A 250V 6x30mm


    DMX controller computer

    Part number DMX120 MON